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Monday, January 19, 2009

Her Day Off

Today I cleaned house! Mopped,swept,dusted and even scrubbed the bath tub! I see my days off as days to get the check list cleared! But I do take time for myself once in a while.

Look at Tulips they came out today:)


food 016

I love being home during the week and being able to make my lunch. I don’t usually post my mid-day lunches or snacks, because I am teaching, but here is a taste of what I eat everyday.

Snack: A little vanilla Greek Yogurt topped with strawberries,blueberries,half a banana, pom seeds, and some Honest Foods Agave Granola.

food 017

For Lunch, I was creative and made a Cran-cream( cranberry sauce mixed with low fat sour cream)  wrap with snap peas, lettuce, and a whole wheat tortilla.

food 019

food 022

and an apple. Originally I made some soup I picked up from TJ’s but I didn’t like it.

food 026

I guess I am not a big fan of Indian Fare Products.

food 028

After cleaning I had a little snack. Organic corn chips with some avocado hummus!

food 030

I have 3 more hours until kickboxing, need to do some yoga, read for A&P, and go take some stuff to fed-ex for the hubby. Have a great day folks!

Question: Would you rather have a, personal trainer, personal cook, a house cleaner or a personal massage therapist?

My answer, well this is a hard one, but because I can do all of the above myself except massage, I think I would go with a massage therapist. I need a good massage once a week but get one like once every couple of months.

P.S. Bosco loves me staying home.

food 002


Mica said...

Ooh, I think I'd pick a personal trainer, but a massage therapist is a *close* second!

Lovely pics of your day off. I'm glad it was a good one, filled with tasty eats! (And cutie Bosco!)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I'd choose the massage therapist. That's the only thing I'd have to spend money on to get the benefits from. Like you said, the rest you can do yourself.

Looks like you had a wonderfully productive day! Keep it up :D

Rachel said...

MASSAGE! Totally.

Matt said...

i'd rather have the maid!

i love to cook.
i love to workout.
i do like massages though...

the snack looks delicious! its pretty close to what i had today- plain yogurt with puffins, granola, walnuts, and some blueberries.

Maggs said...

I like to cook, but hate to clean, but I can do that myself, so a massage therapist would be great. When I'm training hard I try for a weekly massage, but sometimes I just can't fit it in (time or budget). Having one at my disposal would be great.

Denise said...

Personal cook! Are you looking for a job??

teacherwoman said...

I would take a personal trainer for sure!

Katie said...

I like to stay productive on my days off, too. I either like to clean or get in some extra workout time.

Hmm. I think I'd pick a massage therapist. I was going to say a personal trainer, but your logic got me. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful tulip! i miss spring (sigh).

i'd pick the house cleaner. i'm good at cleaning up after myself, but i'm lost when it comes to overall cleaning like vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning counters, etc. and i don't like massages!

Sarah W. said...

massage therapist! they could rub me down after my killer workouts!

I don't mind cleaning, and I love cooking for myself, plus I can control the ingredients. it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Love those tulips! It's so nice to see flowers in the winter time! Love that wrap. Cran-cream sounds delicious! How creative you are!

just me said...

i would def pick a trainer...because i hate to vary my own workouts...and i get bored to easily if i'm alone.

love the eats! bosco is soooo adorable!

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

oh man that was a hard question. husband said he would like a massage therapist, but i would definitely like a professional cleaner!! guess the husband already has one ;P

joyRuN said...

I'm hoping your post will motivate me to clean my house. I'm overdue, & it's driving me nuts.

Leah said...

What a motivating post! I need to clean my house as well.

I think I would love a massage therapist!!

Great eats today!

Pearl said...

tulips are my favorite flowers

and that cran-cream is SO pretty and creative!

Meghann said...

Hands down a personal trainer! I need someone to tell me what to do in the gym because I have no idea. All I ever want to do is be outside running :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day off!

That tulip is gorgeous!

I love Bosco - too ADORABLE!