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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Gone Already!

WOW I can't believe the weekends over I need one more day!!! lol...

A little recap of all the weekend FUN!

Saturday night hubby and I went out to Claim Jumpers for a Surprise dinner for our friend Justin, he turned the big 30! I remember how he used to tell me he WOULD NEVER be 30..lol
For dinner I got the Asian Pear Salad with the Tortilla Chicken Soup. It was very yummy I should have only had half I was a bit full after our calamari, artichoke, and chicken wing APPETIZERS!!! lol...I only had a little of each.

In the top pic Justin is the older one on the left. then here is me and the hubby:)
After dinner we headed over to Justin and Meghann's house for some cake and ice cream. I don't like cake but this one looked super yummy so I stole a small slice along with some mint and chip ice cream, MY FAVE!
I can not figure out why BLOGGER is being so weird so I am posting all the pics below!
For bfast this morning I decided on some FRENCH WAFFLES! They were amazing, I coated both sides of the frozen whole grain waffles with one egg and cooked:) Then I added some apple butter on top with peaches and a sprinkle of powder sugar! PERFECT SUNDAY TREAT!
After Church hubby and I rode our bikes to a local eatery that we have never eaten at called Grandlands. When we walked in I felt like we had walked into a story book, the place was truly enchanting! Not only was it decorated beautifully the food was great too! A little pricey, but it was a small local place and so we were happy to support. I ordered the petite lunch a turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney, with a small bowl of chicken and rice soup. It was the perfect meal! We debated about grabbing some dessert, because that is what they are known for but we knew we wanted some peppermint ice cream later so we kindly said no thanks.
After all the bike riding and adventures I set out to do a bit of my holiday baking. I wanted to make a some of the treats that I will be handing out for Christmas. I made the best cookies ever! Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate!!!! The batter even looked (and tasted) AMAZING!!!!! I will post the recipe soon.
I also made some Root Vegetables for the week. I was a little scared to try this recipe because I have never cooked turnips before, but it was SO easy and tasted heavenly ( will post recipe tomorrow). It made my dinner complete! TOFU, Cranberry and Root Veggies...mmm
As you can see we ended the night with a little peppermint ice cream and one of the cookies I made on top, the perfect ending to this beautiful Sunday ( by the way it was cold here in SO CAL, and I was loving it! ).
Oh I almost forgot I didn't do my 15k today because I wanted to do it tomorrow when I start the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, I figured it would be a great way to START! I am so excited to bust my BOOTIE!!!!
Sorry that this post is kinda all over the place, that's how I feel right now. I promise to be back on top of my game bright and early tomorrow morning, with my NEW THINGS, and HISTORY!!!!
The CreateYourOwnCookbook contest ends tonight, so if you haven't gotten in your recipes you still have time because I am not judging until Monday night:)! I am off to bed, TTFN! O and the apple in my mouth is what I had to munch on so I wouldn't eat ALL THE COOKIES!


Mica said...

LOVE all the Christmas-sy pictures!

Also...lady, how are you always so tan? I'm a pasty mess at this time of year/always...so jealous!

Pearl said...

ahh love the pictures! and those christmas lights!

MizFit said...

happy holiday BOOTIE BUSTER DAY.


A woman who is seriously considering checking out that tofu steak and it kind of frightens her (that she's considering--not the steak...well the steak too, but...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, love your eats! Great pictures! Have a fabulous Monday!

Fitnessista said...

looks like SO much fun!
you and the hubby are way cute :D
hope you have a happy monday!

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

That restaurant IS adorable! And the cookies look awesome - can't wait for the recipe. :-)

Denise said...

I wish you would come cook for me every day.

just me said...

love all the pictures....you're too cute! and the restaurant is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh the pictures are so cute and Christmas-y! In regard to your comment on my blog, I could send you the template I am using now OR if you want something different/more specific let me know and I can make it for you!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE claim jumper! Remember when they used to weigh u as a litle kid for your dinner price?? haha good thing they stop doing that a certain age...awkward. That lunch place is adorable, it looks like a little winter wonderland :D

Catherine said...

Love the Christmas cookie pics - they look deeelish!!