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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Little Elf is READY!


Ok so twas the night before the night before Christmas and this little elf is ready for the big day!!!

  • GO GET COFFEE ( I am out!)
  • finish all baking
  • clean out fridge
  • clean out guest closet
  • clean out office drawers
  • shop for Christmas Dinner
  • put together grandmas frame
  • READ!!!


    Thank you all for the get will wishes, I feel so much better and I even took Andrea and Lacey Nicole’s advice and got some Emergency-C!!! THANKS LADIES!

    Today was so much fun, busy, but fun. I headed in to town around 10am and didn’t get home until 4pm!!! I met up with my teacher friend Melissa for lunch and had a Fajita Bowl, basically a burrito without the tortilla. Then we hit up a couple stores to look for a Christmas outfit, I decided to just play around with the clothes I already have, I DONT NEED ANYMORE!!!! I also stopped by Barnes and Noble and got a new novel, Odd Mom Out, with my gift card a student gave me, and even read a little bit of it I LOVE JANE PORTER!! I know I am not a Mom, but I love her writing style, funny and witty! On the way home I stopped by the video store, and STOLE ALL THE BEST HOLIDAY MOVIES!!! Christmas Vacation, Elf, Love Actually, Fred Clause, and of course White Christmas. 

    When I got home I unloaded the groceries with the help of hubby, I think with all the walking around I should be able to get some points for the HBBC!!! lol… Speaking of the HBBC my total points as of today is, 89.25! After the unloading, I got right to the baking, I made more chocolate covered peanut butter filled Ritz crackers, and some Hello Dolly Bars. I wrapped them all up for the “families” tomorrow night( while watching Christmas Vacation). That's right we do two families on Christmas Eve and two on Christmas Day! We will visit my Dads family for dinner at 6pm, and then Moms family at 8pm. I will not be worrying about food so much it will just be too hard!!!!, But I will limit the alcohol. What are your Holiday Traditions, are you going to limit yourself?

    food 013

    food 017

    food 019 I hope they taste better then they look.

  • I made a quick and easy dinner- not the healthiest choice but most economical. LEFTOVERS, 1 piece of bbq chicken pizza and leftover sweet potatoes fries. I also snacked a bit while baking;)

    food 012

    I saved the best FOR LAST!!! Check out this amazing find I found in TJ’S TODAY!!!! Can you say breakfast!

    food 011

    I plan on running at least 6 miles tomorrow, and do a little weights too before all the festivities begin!!!! I am currently watching Love Actually for the first time while I blog, loving it!!! II am going to be relaxing tonight, and setting some GOALS FOR RACES in 2009.Are you setting goals yet?

    I have one last question does anyone else out there besides Californians eat tamales for Christmas, and if not what do you eat???? Us Californians LOVE OUR TAMALES!  I will not be blogging again until Friday, When I come back I will have all the goodies ready to send off to the POTM winners, sorry it’s taken so long, a review, and CONTEST!!! Everyone have a SAFE and HAPPY HOLIDAY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


    Mica said...

    I've never thought about tamales for Christmas, but they sound delicious! We'll be keepin' it real East Coast style on Thursday--ham! Aha!

    Nicci said...

    Oh definitely, Here in Texas its big at Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love them.

    carolinebee said...

    haha I just did the biggest marathon post about a tamale party I had last sat with all the ladies in my family!! :D It was sooo fun, they aren't as hard as you think, but it was messy and crazy and sooo awesome, here's the link if you want to check it out!
    I could eat Mexican food every dayyyy :D

    joyRuN said...

    89+ HBBC points?! That's waaaay more than me. Great job.

    I wish my to-do list was beautifully crossed out like yours.

    LOVE "Love Actually". I need to see it a few more times this season, I think.

    eatingbender said...

    Congratulations on getting everything done - now THAT is impressive!

    I love your holiday movie steals! Love Actually is da bomb :o)

    Beautiful gift baskets! And that cranberry apple butter looks so good!

    Enjoy the next few days - MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, BOBBI!!

    Julianne said...

    Hi! I was commenting on various blogs and noticed your comments! I'm in CA, too. In the East Bay! Look forward to reading your blog!

    Oh, I totally eat tamales for Xmas. We also do carnitas. ;-)

    Lance said...

    Hi Bobbi,
    Have fun on your run!

    No tamales being eaten here. We eat lefse and lutefisk (traditional Norwegian foods - lefse is a potato flat bread, lutefisk is a fish). My wife and kids refuse to eat the fish (as does my brother in law and their kids!).

    Have a wonderful and very happy Christmas Bobbi!

    Caitlin (see bride run) said...

    future husband asked me yesterday if i would get drunk tonight for xmas eve (his family are big drinkers) and i said if i was going to indulge, i'd rather it be in christmas cookies LOL. so i try to choose my indulgences wisely.

    Marci said...

    I am done except for cleaning my house! Blech! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    HangryPants said...

    Yeah no we have no tamales on Christmas!

    For 2009, I really want to run a 10k. I aimed for a 5k in '08 and did it, so I think I can do this, too. Especially with motivating bloggers like you!

    Denise said...

    No tamales here for Christmas!!

    We watched Christmas Vacation the other night...such a classic! I love that movie.

    Have a great holiday!

    Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

    Glad all your ducks are in a row! I always feel so much better when I reach that point.

    The goodies look amazing! And your dinner was perfect, nothing terrible there.

    I have plans of working out over the holiday, I just hope the weather co-operates.

    No tamales here, on Christmas day we do (or I should say I do, Scott watches LOL) a standing rib roast. YUM! Tonight is seafood!

    Happy Holidays Bobbi!

    Erin of Care to Eat said...

    Tamales for Christmas? That's so cool! I'm from Oregon and we always ate semi-traditional, but Rob and I like to switch it up - as you'll see! :)
    I don't drink, so I make up for it in food calories. :)
    Merry Christmas Eve!

    Lacey Nicole said...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! isn't the little boy in love actually ADORABLE?! :)

    merry merry merry christmas :) and have a GREAT run! we have all freezing rain and ice and snow over here, so it makes it hard to get out there safely :(

    just me said...

    merry christmas eve bobbi!!!

    great job getting your to-do list done; you're amazing!

    treats look great and i'm sure your family is going to love them!

    RunToFinish said...

    hmm no tamales for sure here. You are so sweet with your baking and gift giving, it really puts me in the mood to be more giving!

    D10 said...

    Merry Christmas to you too! When we lived closer to family we had 3 houses we had to get to. It is so much nicer now! No rushing around.

    Can't wait to read about your 2009 goals and plans.

    loveofoats.com said...

    glad you are feeling much better!

    i made those pb ritzs too - they are so yummy AND easy, aren't they?!

    merry christmas!

    Julianne said...

    Yay, I added you to my bloglist, too! :-)

    Fitnessista said...

    all of that delicious mexican food looks a lot like the food we had at my house!! tamales are the best on christmas :D my madre made posole, too but i didn't eat any because it has chicken in it...
    looks like you had a wonderful christmas!
    enjoy your saturday!