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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“It’s the Final Countdown! …”

Can anyone name the band who sing the title of my post????

Oh this week is just flying by!!!!! I feel a little behind in blog reading, I will have to catch up after this crazy week is over:) Thanks for reading everyone!

Yesterdays morning workout was wonderful! I was a little afraid I would be dead tired because of the lack of sleep, but I got to the gym and ended up doing MORE then I expected. I did 20 minutes on the ET, which I forgot I loved, because I could read my new EveryDay Magazine, and then ran 2 miles fast on the treadmill, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The treadmills at my gym are real nice, and have fans on them which feels great! I can’t realy tell you about that stats because the only thing it really told me is that I ran 2 miles for 17 minutes, have to figure out the programming. After the cardio I did 30 minutes of weights, and abs. I was about to walk out the door and then I saw that on the schedule there was a Yoga class (MY NEW THING for the day) just about to start, so I STAYED! I only did half the glass because of time, my body SOOO needed it. I also wore my new DoceVida pants, which the hubby said were super sexy ( when I go to the gym I don’t really like to be sexy but whatever). I will do a full review this weekend. Has anyone else tried there products?



When I got home I made this wonderful bowl of oats:



1/2 c oats
1/2 c soy milk
1/2 c H2O
2 tbs of spoonful of hemp seeds
a little dried cranberries
a little flax granola
1/4 living harvest bar
pinch of pumpkin spice and nutmeg
spoonful of Barneys Butter
1/2 banana sliced
spoonful of apple butter

all the mixins:

food 001
food 002

food 003food 004
I was awake all yesterday with no TIRED spells, I drank lot’s of water and stayed super busy! Our Holiday Sing at school went great, I always get a little teary eyed when I see them up on stage, it’s like there my own kids (I can’t imagine what I will do when my own kids are really up there).

Some of the silliness I encountered last night!

food 016

I came home and comforted the hubby, he’s going through a lot right now. He’s on a mission to find a new job, and it’s kind of a little overwhelming for him, because nobody is hiring. I know that the economy is not in it’s best shape right now, to say the least, but when it starts effecting you directly it all becomes so REAL. I know that the Lord will open a door for him, I just don't know when and what. The unknown is just so hard some times. I saw one of my students last night, that had gotten in a plane crash over Thanksgiving, and I started to weep inside. I knew that he was in pretty bad shape, but seeing a 6 year old in a wheel chair with a body brace, two full leg casts, and some major scratches on his head and face made everything so real. I am so glad the he is alive and making it through, and that’s how I feel about my hubby’s job and our financial situation, we might be going through something hard at the moment but were alive and well and making it through!


When my head hit the pillow I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know it was 7am and I was up for the day! It’s still cold here and drizzling a little outside, so I am going to do some AKB tonight and the Sculpt class, no run for this morning. I was a little too tired this morning to make anything so I just threw a mix of cereals in a bowl and called it breakfast. I also had a nice big cup of coffee!!!

food 005

I am planning on getting a lot done tonight, it’s the only night I have off before Friday. Hubby has softball, so I am going to wrap some of his gifts, bake for my co-workers, work on BSI submission, and clean a little. As soon as we get done with this week I will be catching up on CLEANING, I feel like everything is all over the place, but I know I will be able to get to it very SOON! I am already making a list of things that I want to accomplish on break. What would you do if you had two weeks off?

  • clean house top to bottom
  • organize pantry
  • scrapbook vacation pictures/racing pictures
  • update pictures in picture frames around the house
  • re organize office
  • do some reorganizing of the guest bedroom
  • research races I would love to do next year
  • read at least 2 novels
  • try some new workouts
  • ……….

Well I am off to hump day! Everyone have a beautiful day wherever you may be, remember life is short make the most of it!

P.S. I leave with you this picture of what’s in our backyard.

food 012

Proof there is snow in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!!!


Lacey Nicole said...

oooooooooh don't know the band off the top of my head, but it's GOB's theme song in Arrested Development every time he has a "magic" show,..!!! :) can't believe you powered through being so tired! good for you. ooooooooh TWO WEEKS OFF! that sounds dreamy. I would BAKE, visit friends, take a long weekend trip to somewhere warm, CLEAN, go to yoga classes, perhaps treat myself to a "spa" kick-off day, RUN, play basketball, make collages, ... did i mention clean? and organize?! :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful snow! It's raining down by the beaches...but i LOVE it! That is so sad about that young kid :( I'm so glad he is ok though. And have a lot of empathy for you and your husband's situation. Granted- I'm younger and just graduated, so my position is different- but looking for a job at this time, getting rejected or not hearing anything is very discouraging, and causes a lot of self-doubt. It's definitely a time to build strength, and makes me realize how BLESSED I am, and how much I do have that doesn't require money :D Hang in there, have a great day.

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

That's your backyard!? Gorgeous!

girlrunningaround said...

I'll be thinking about you and your husband. I'm sure something will come along that is right for him. Sometimes something so good comes along it is worth the wait and stress it took to get there. Keep thinking positively!

Anonymous said...

EUROPE!!! Because my parents ALWAYS listened to it when we moved to Prague!
Yay I am on holiday from Friday too!!
I am SURE your hubby will find the right job for him; like you said, God will ensure it all works out!

RunToFinish said...

how I wish I could have two weeks off to just enjoy being at home... but I guess my honeymoon two weekswere pretty awesome...ok totally awesome.

You are kickin butt on th workouts! I need to get some more yoga in so I can keep my muscles limber, I know it helps a lot.

Meghann said...

IT snowed in Florida when I was a Senior in high school. I'll never forget it, there was a basketball game so I was in my cheerleader uniform. I was in my photography class and another teacher ran in and said it was snowing so the whole class jumped up and went outside where about half of the school was and we watched little specks of white dust flicker in the sky. It was nothing that lasted more then a few minutes, but its a nice memory. :)

Brian said...

I am with you on the cleaning, I MUST clean tonight or the rents will think I have let myself go, who wants that?

That oatmeal and cereal looks awesome , too!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Dude is that seriously the view from your backyard?! That's amazing, I would love to look at something like that everyday. Wow. :D

Sorry about the hubs. :( So many people are going through tough times right now. But you have the right attitude about the situation. My thoughts are with you guys.

Catherine said...

EUROPE!!!! OMG that is so stuck in my head now... :) Makes me think of Arrested Development like WHOA.

Hmm if I had 2 weeks off I'd: clean, run, bake, do more baking, do some needlepointing, some crocheting, play with my kitty, catch up on my dvr'd shows, more baking, take a yoga class and have some wine!!

So sorry to hear about the husband.. it's definitely a reaally tough time right now. You guys are in my prayers!

Girl on Top said...

Gorgeous pic!

Hope that your hubby finds a job soon. This economy is definitely rocky!

The Three T's said...

That is crazy about the boy in your class. You know that God was watching over him because how often do you hear that anyone survives a plane crash. Praise God!! God must have some amazing things planned for this child!

And I definitely loved seeing the snow in the mountains. Its was a nice change of scenery. Although, I'm definitely NOT liking driving around in the rain.

I understand how Matt feels about the job. So many people are looking for a job right, including myself, and it can be extremely stressful.

Will pray for you guys and the little boy in your class.

P.S. I got your guys' Christmas card which was SO cute! Thank you for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! I can't wait to go on vacation, just tomorrow and then a half day!

I can totally relate to the job hunting. Matt is in the same position and it is tough. He interviewed with a company 5 times and didn't get it. That was hard. Hopefully, something will happen soon.

I'll say a prayer for your student that was in the plne crash.

Christina said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's frustration - I am going through something very similar right now. It's absolutely awful, I am full of self doubt and just questioning everying. It does make me so extra thankful for the blessings I do have, especially my unbelievably supportive husband - who has been a constant sounding board and tear-dryer. Isn't it amazing to have a spouse in times like this? I wonder how I'd get through it on my own? I can't imagine.

You guys will be in my prayers :)

Anonymous said...

Love your kids pic!

Great list of things to do over break...you're definitely a teacher!

Anonymous said...

This was such a great post - so full of information and thoughtfulness. I have so much to say...

1) Love that your husband thinks your workout pants are super sexy - that's so cute!!

2) I love your snow bowl - and the picture of your backyard is breathtaking!

3) I'm sorry to hear that your hub is struggling with the job situation right now. Trust me, as a senior in college, I can definitely relate. It's darn near impossible to find companies who are hiring! Hopefully a door will open for him soon - I'll keep my fingers crossed!

4) Great list of things to accomplish over break!!

And you can totally steal my posting workouts idea - I totally agree that it's the perfect way to hold yourself accountable!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

hahah we used to play that song at work all the tie while we were cloing up! its epic.

Kelly Turner

Brianna said...

You make AMAZING breakfasts! Hang in there and enjoy your time off - and best wishes as your husband finds his way to a new job. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Mica said...

Wow, that is an amazing view!

You're so busy, lady! I hope you enjoy your time off when it finally gets here.

Pearl said...

your breakfast is SO pretty! it almost looks like there's coconut sprinkled there, but i didn't see that in the ingredient list :).

and good luck to your hubby... keep the spirits up because i'm sure he'll find a great job for him soon!

and your kids are adoooorable! hehe :)

and omgosh - where do you live? i live in san diego and i ain't got no snow :(

MizFit said...

dangnubbit Im too late to be the first one to say---but I SHALL say Im gonna be singing it all day long :)
if I can get my toddler to join it Ill film a video :)

Anonymous said...

Your bowl of snow looks really good.

I just wanted to say that I can totally sympathize with your hsuband and trying to find a job. I'm in the exact same situation and it's really tough some days. But it seems like you guys have a positive outlook, which always helps! :)