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Friday, December 5, 2008


Woke up at 5:30 this morning to try an accomplish as much as I can before I head to work! I am currently catching up on blogs while sipping my GINORMOUS cup of coffee!!!!

Plan of attack:

  1. 6:50-7:20 Easy 3-4 mile run ( AKB was killer last night)

  2. 7:30-8:15 Run to the market grab all ingredients for dad's b-day dinner tonight

  3. 8:20-9:00 start the pasta dish

  4. 9:00-9:40 eat bfast get ready for work

  5. 10am-6pm work (try and get off a little early)

  6. 6:15-7:00 pm cook!

  7. 7:00pm ENJOY the dinner with bro's and dad:)

Doe's anybody else break down there days minute by minute, I know a little compulsive but it helps me not to stress.


Last night was a so hectic but fun. I went to AKB after school and did a killer workout (promise to post this weekend about some moves you can do at home). When I got home I popped a bowl of turkey chili with butternut squash added to it in the microwave, it was yummers! I added a tablespoon of sour cream on top, which by the way I am beginning to love! I used to hate sour cream and now I think just a little on top is perfect. Are there any foods you hated when you were a kid that you LOVE now?


We had our couples study at our house last night, I love have people over!!! We watched a video by Ben Stein called "Expelled No Intelligence Allowed", very interesting. I am actually shocked at a lot of things that were on this video. I recommend it to any science lovers out there. Snack last night was actually pretty healthy lots of veggies and of course a ox of cookies. I was good I had a bunch of SNAP PEAS because I tend to have a love affair whenever I eat them! There by far my favorite thing on the veggie tray! I was good and stayed AWAY from the cookies , they were store bought not too tempting.


December 1: I took a scenic route to work, it was beautiful and neat to see new things!

December 2: Crawled into a tiny princess tent full of stuffed animals, it was cozy and made me want to be 7 again!!! lol..I never had a pink tent when I was 7 shoot or 8 or 9 .....!

December 3: My friend gave me a Rod Stewart CD I listened to it, and I LOVED IT! My first Rod Stewart experience, I have been missing out!

December 4: I let two of my students drink out of my cup yesterday!!!! I am a stickler about letting people drink out of my cup I kinda have a big issue about it, but I was going to let it go in honor of trying something new (lets hope I dont get sick). A first for me!

Alright I got to head out of here! Have a HAPPY FRIDAY, and while your add it TRY SOMETHING NEW TODAY:)


Mica said...

I almost always break down my day minute-by-minute; it makes me feel like I have a handle on things (even if I don't really).

I used to hate all bell peppers, but now I love them (except for green ones. They're still weird.)

Have a great dinner tonight!

Denise said...

When I have lots going on I make lists and break things down by day and time...it keeps me sane...well, sort of.

Sharing your cup...that's huge!

Pearl said...

i like breaking down my day, minute by minute, cause it helps me feel like i'm in control of my day. although i may have to readjust the time, it still helps to know that i only had to adjust it by so many minutes, and not just within a wide range of hours. i think i also feel like i've accomplished more in one day when i break it down.

and aww, what a sweet daughter you are! your dad will be so happy. happy bday to your dad!

i used to hate tofu when i was little... it was bland, pale, and the texture was weird, in my opinion. now i don't think i dislike anything natural!

MizFit said...

I love ben stein and hadnt seen or heard of this...so thanks.

and yes.
rolling with a three year old I oft break down minute by minute as a way to HANG ON.


ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Sounds like a busy but fun day! If you like sour cream, you should try using Greek yogurt in its place. I swear it tastes the same and it's healthy for you!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Who has the boxer baby?! What a sweet mushmouth :D

Um, yes I break down my days. Surprised? I doubt it! LOL If they are super busy days then I totally do it by the hour, otherwise I just run off a to-do list.

Anonymous said...

I usually don't break down minute by minute, but by hour. I am big on schedules and sticking with them!

Great group photo.

Anonymous said...

Schedules are totally healthy, I always schedule my days to some extent, it reduces stress!

I used to hate oatmeal when I was a kid...oh it hurts to even say that now!

Anonymous said...

I do create blocks...its like a general routine in my head which has hours on the sides ;)
In regard to the food ? - I used to HATE avocados and egg whites - now I love it!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh man, I eat sooo many new foods now, that I despised as a child. I ate the same 5 foods before becoming a vegan or even a vegetarian, haha!! Now I eat EVERYTHING (well, everything without animal products, soy, gluten/wheat, or dairy, hehe).

Happy Friday, Bobbi!!

ttfn300 said...

many many things :) beets, shrimp, brussel sprouts are the ones that pop right into my head... have a great dinner tonight!

Catherine said...

I totally break my busy days down into little time blocks. It's the only way I can make sure to get everything done!!