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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cinderella Dressed in Yella

Ok so today after church I worked my little toosh off! I CLEANED LIKE A MAD WOMEN!!!! First I made some home-made tomoto soup, in a sourdough bowls for hubby and I The perfect cold afternoon lunch.

food 041

I then threw on my grubby cloths and started in the kitchen!!!! According to Fitday.com I burned like 144 extra calories! I cleaned, dusted,swept, and mopped: the kitchen, dining room,bedroom, guest room, and office. MAN I AM TIRED!!!! When I got to the guest room I almost had a MAJOR MELT DOWN!!!! I couldn't find a bag that had half of the presents that I bought on my last shopping trip. I searched for almost 45 minutes, and the hubby saved the day and asked if they were under the tree already wrapped, O MY GOSH!!! I can’t bleive that I already wrapped them, lol…wow

I had this banana bread LARABAR for a snack , mmmm…man is there a flavor I don’t like?

food 055

As I was cleaning I found a few things I forgot to share with you all. A wonderful gift of relaxation from my co-worker Nicole. THIS WAS THE BEST GIFT, she’s a very thoughtful friend!

food 051

She got my some soft jammi pants, soft socks, a yummy relaxing candle and some chocolate.

This chocolate has lavender in it, and this candle smells amazing! I am so taking a bath this week, and eating this chocolate while I am in it!

food 052 food 053

I also got some home-made pomegranate jelly from a student, I will be trying this in my oats tomorrow morning!!!! 

food 047

I sooooo nibbled while I cleaned it was hard to resist, but I did do around 100 jumping jacks in between rooms!!!

1/2 a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie

food 045

This is the stash we have from friends and students!!!!

food 050

Peppermint  Chocolate, Truffle, Kisses

food 054

I am still not completely done cleaning, I still have to clean the master bathroom and wrap presents. I planned on making dinner tonight but I was too pooped so hubby ordered pizza, his and her style. Half pepperoni half bbq chicken with no cheese. I had three pieces and made myself a cranberry apple, martini!!!!! FIRST COSMO IN LIKE A YEAR!

food 058 food 060

food 056

I had two!!!

food 061

Then for dessert I had an Oatmeal, Chocolate, Pecan Cookie

food 062

I am currently watching some cheesy lifetime Christmas movie while Bosco sleeps on my lap….I was planning on doing a review and contest tonight but I AM TIRED! So sense I have the day off tomorrow I will have to leave you in suspense for tomorrow!!!! I am going to finish the cheesy movie and then clean just a little more. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!!


Laurel said...

Sounds like we had a very similar day. Except your food looks sooooo much better! I want to come over and eat cookies, drink cosmos and watch Lifetime!!!

gina (fitnessista) said...

you did a LOT today! cleaning always feels so good when it's OVER :D i agree about the larabars- i don't think i've tried one i didn't like!
cosmos sound like heaven right about now :D
enjoy your evening!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read the title of this post - I used to love singing that song while jumping rope! You're bringin' me back ;o)

I'm glad the hub saved you from a major meltdown! I've had a few of my own this year - mainly because I keep wrapping presents and then realizing I had something ELSE I needed to put into the box...so then I just have to wrap yet another present! Haha!

I hope you have a wonderful week - enjoy every minute of your day off!

just me said...

great job getting all the cleaning done!

and i do the same thing every year...wrap things and forget then freak out cause i think they're missing. haha!

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

Great productive day! I'm starting my X-mas shopping tomorrow - yes, I said starting. Tis ok though, I'm on vacation this week so there'll be lots o' time!

Brian said...

The pommegranite jelly looks awesome! Nothin like burnin some cals and getitn the house clean at the same time.

Denise said...

I hate cleaning! But at least you got to enjoy some cosmos afterwards. :-)

Megan said...

i am envious of every single thing in this post! pumpkin chocolate chip cookies especially :) mm mm mm

Meghann said...

I have a similar christmas stash building in my fridge. I am going to take it all to the family when I go home.

LOVE the BBQ Pizza! I haven't had it in a year, but yours looks soo good I would love some right now. :)