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Saturday, November 1, 2008

When Wifey Is Away... The Boys Get To Play!!

Hello friends.... This is Hubby and the Wife is away so the boys (Bosco and I) ARE TAKING OVER!!

Since the Wife is away in LA, here's what us boys did tonight....

"Look Bosco, Wifey is gone! Time to have some fun"

"What to do first? Oh yea! Get my favorite ol'-ratty-perfect-fitting-wifey-hates-passionately shirt out and wear it for the next 24 hours!"

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout Willis!"

"First dessert .... then dinner. Wifey should of hid the leftover Halloween treats!"

"The two-handed Reese's cup SLAM!"


"Bosco wants some!"


"Down and Dirty"


"Time for Second dessert!"

"Bosco is going head-first into dinner"

"Yeah, so I always see the Wife taking photos of her breakfast / lunch / dinner, so I'll just share with you my "Boys-Night Dinner".

  • 1 Pepperoni Lean-Pocket
  • add some Garlic Salt, Red Pepper, Ground Cinnamon, Chili Powder, and Rendezvous' Famous Seasoning
  • add a pinch of "Ingredient X"
  • use fist to tenderize Lean Pocket and mix ingredients in bowl
  • microwave 2 mins
  • ENJOY!

"Brussel Sprouts?!?!? DOUBT IT!"

"Drinking Concert!! ..... but Bosco won"

"Then Bosco and I had after-dinner PET-i-cures!"

"Time to clean up"

"Had some chocolate in my nose-hole"


"No Guys-Night is complete without SPORTS!"

"Then after all the sugar rush had worn out.... PASS OUT ON THE COUCH!"

Well, it's been fun. We laugh, we didn't cry, we did do pet-i-cures, ate some junk food, and fell asleep watching sports. Sounds like the perfect "Guys Night" .... minus the pet-i-cure thingy.


just me said...

Hahahahaha!!! Love the boys night...you two look like you had a blast. Love all the action shots too. ;)

A Mom in Red High Heels said...

Oh my gosh...too funny!! Love it! Now we really know what you men do when the wife is away...:)

Anonymous said...

this is the BEST!

Anonymous said...

You guys are HILARIOUS!

Lance said...

Great stuff! (although I'd skip the pet-icure!!).

Meghann said...

hahahahahaha HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Bobbi you have a winner in that one! :) I suggest more Husbby posts in hte future!!!

Looks like the guys night was a lot of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

This goes down as one of the best blog posts in history!

Rachel said...

very funny.

I'm sure my hubby would have done the same things if left to his own devices.

VeggieGirl said...


Aww, Bosco is so cute!! :0)

hk said...

hahah too funnyy!

HangryPants said...

haha - have fun!

Anonymous said...

Funny. You seem a little lost without your wife!

Anonymous said...

This was HILARIOUS. Love it. You boys sure know how to have fun on a night in without the wifey.

Lacey Nicole said...

OMG i loved this post. so much!!!!! sooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dinner recipe and mystery x ingredient= LOL.

m said...

Haha! Fun! My lil guy and I battle as well! ;)

Megan said...

haha I love the guest post! and all of the comments, wow Matt, you're the newest sensation in blogdom! haha Hope the run went well Bobbi!

ashley said...

I think this is the funniest post!

Tim Rosanelli said...

Beautiful! So funny!! My wife went away this summer and that's exact how it went.

Catherine said...

hahah that is the funniest post ever - Love it!

ttfn300 said...

hillarious :) love it!