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Monday, November 24, 2008

True Thankfulness

Alright friends this has to be a very quick post, we don't have the internet these next two days so I will have to catch up on all of your blogs on Tuesday night:) 


Bowl of Pasta

Last night I was in the mood for wine and Italian so we hit up a place I have never been too, and hubby said he liked. It was delicious and I had a rather healthy meal. Whole wheat penne with lots of veggies in EVOO. With a glass of red of course:) After we went to your favorite souther dessert place TCBY! I had a pumpkin yogurt of course with some resses pieces on top,mmmm...

Just a little update on the POTM challenge. Just in case you missed it I will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!!! I am so stoked that all of your are kicking up the miles out there. On November 30th please email me at marie.bobbi@gmail.com your total miles. If you want send me your miles you plan on running on Turkey Day too!!! I know a lot of you have been leaving comments, thanks! I am going to post all the miles that people plan on running in my Wednesday night post, to encourage everyone to get out there despite the rain, cold, or just lazyness! 


Ok I was going to post a very wonderful post about a giveaway but it looks like I will be post poning that until I get back to California this weekend so stay tuned....


This morning I woke up so LATE 8:3o! That's over 10 hours of sleep, haven't done that in forever. I think the rain makes me sleep in late, do you feel that way too? When I finally got out of bed I was  awake and ready to take on the day, but then I saw how much it was raining and was pissed! I wanted to RUN! So hubby ran and got me Sbux (I LOVE THIS MAN) and then I got all bundled up, two long sleeve shirts, cotton and coolmax, some thick socks, hat, and running gloves! I stepped out and started out slow, it was only sprinkling and really wasn't that cold, because I only had 30 minutes max to run because I had to be somewhere at 10am, I ran hard after the first five minutes. The rain felt kinda nice, the puddles sucked though! I don't like my feet being cold and wet during a run, not fun! I think the rain actually got me to run harder because I wanted to get out of it...lol...I ended up running 18 minutes, 2.8 miles, and burned a measly 300 calories.  Here's where it really stinks. I was trying to get to my old gym at 10am to get a free 7 day pass, and take the yoga class at 10:15am, well that didn't happen. After my quick bowl of pumpkin oats( no pic sorry but I plan on eating these all weeks I brought the staple ingredients, pumpkin, oats, flax granola, and soymilk). 


I got to the gym all ready for yoga and the desk lady said I could use all the equipment but NO CLASSS, WTF! That's ridiculous she said it was some liability issue, but I could pay 20 dollars for a ONE day pass, heck no, that's dumb. As you can see I was not a happy camper. So as I stepped out to tell hubby never-mind, the SUN was out, what no rain! Ok I was happy but at the same time I could have run longer with no rain, if I wouldn't have tried to make it to the gym!!!O well no use crying over spilled milk. I just hope the rain holds up for my 5 miles tomorrow. 


Alright I am wrapping up this post with words of Thankfulness!

I have decided this week I will post 5 things every day that I am thankful for, you should do this too, it will help us all to really remember what this Thanksgiving is all about. Not just about FOOD and STRESS! So here they are:

#1. I am thankful for my wonderful hubby Matthew, for his kindness and selfishness. For his true love for God, me, and others. I know I am partial because he is my hubby, but serouiusly he is the funniest, smartest, generouse man I have ever met! I am thankful that he chose me. 

#2. I am thankful for my  dog bosco, who gives me the best companionship when hubby is away and is the best listner;)

#3. I am thankful for this blog world. I have been so blessed with all the love and encouragement that everyone has given me. It has been so fun learning and laughing with others. What passionate and inspiring friendships I have made. 

#4. I am thankful for my brothers. Having four brothers is so wonderful, when I was a kid I hated it but now joking and playing together is so fun. Each of my brothers gives me something I can take and cherish forever!

#5. I am thankful for my JOB, I know at a time like this it isn't easy for everyone to find or keep one. I love what I do, and I thank God everyday for the privilege I have of being there. 

Alright your turn!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how encouraging you are! I really look forward to your posts cause it puts such a huge smile on my face! I will be posting my "thankful 5s" before Thanksgiving too...I think my sister and I actually go my ma convinced that we WILL have a Thanksgiving dinner!

Lacey Nicole said...

Aw, what a great feel-good ending to your post. it makes me smile:) way to run hard, you were cruising!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Wow in the rain even! That is not something I have attempted yet. In fact I was happy today was PT because it is pouring buckets outside!

Meghann said...

I know I've told you this a million times but can I just say once more how much I love reading your posts! There are a million things I want to comment on here. From you hilariously sad run to your yummy TCBY treat, I can just go on and on. Instead I wil lstick with your plan and just list what I am thankful for. (By the way I may do the same thing on my blog on Thursday :) Is it weird I have a blogging theme schedule?)

1. I'm thankful to be in Orlando. I made a huge jump this year to move here and I don't regret it for a second.

2. I'm thankful for Abbie. She is my rock and I'm not sure I could live on my own with out her to keep me company.

3. I'm thankful for my health and the new healthy habits I have picked up this year.

4. I'm thankful for my family. Where would I be without them?

5. I am also thankful for the blogging community. You guys are AMAZING!

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

im thankful that my overuse injuries have healed!! yay!!

i am running 9 miles on turkey day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Of course you can add me to your blogroll...I'd be honored. I've been following your blog for awhile now and I love your positive outlook on life! You've helped me get through some "down" days. Thanks for being an inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

1. I am thankful I have such a supportive family and great friends who always encourage me.
2. I am thankful that I have my health.
3. I am thankful I am almost done with my MPH!

I have been racking up the miles, but I don't think it is fair for me to play since I am still in training for a marathon.

RunToFinish said...

I love your attitude, it seriously cheers me up! I am now totally envious of your speed and want to know how you got so fast? Did you build up to it or are you naturally a speedster?

Mica said...

Mmm, ice cream in the South! Delicious!

This was a really great post; I loved reading it.

Also, when we e-mail mileage on 11/30, do you want us to include what we ran that day?

Have a great couple days of visiting!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! It was so refreshing to read about the things you are most thankful for!!

Sorry about the rain ... and the gym! :(

I am so jeal over your pumpkin yogurt!! I just told my hubby that we had to go now to get some ... never mind that it's almost 10PM and the nearest TCBY is about 30 minutes away!!! Ha ha!!

Have a great night!

Catherine said...

What a sweet post - we really should spend more time being thankful... not just on turkey day! I'm thankful for:
1.) My health and happiness.
2.) My incredible boyfriend (and best friend)
3.) The most awesome brother and sister a girl could have
4.) Being able to live in New York and enjoy all the city has to offer

By the way - I nominated you for an award!! Check my blog for details!!

HangryPants said...

I am honestly thankful for my family and for Mark and for the way my life is turning out. :D

I love TCBY!!!!

Kelsey said...

I love how encouraging your posts are! I'm getting really excited about the POTM challenge. It's really kept me motivated when all I want to do is stay home and bake pies!! I'm not sure how many miles I'll be running on wednesday - probably 6.