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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half Way Through...

On this day in history: "1946 1st driv-up bank window established (Chicago)"

Man can't wait till the week is over, I am trying to stay busy and positive but I know that I need rest.

Today I went out for a run. The weather was brisk and clear. As I looked around I saw the beautiful mountains lining the sky, an amazing picture of God's creation. I love that I can just throw on my shoes and go for a run, I think too often I take my body for granted. I was so inspired by the Biggest Loser last night, I normally don't watch TV but for some reason I love this show, and when I get to watch it there are always tears! Those guys rock, I give them mad props for working it so hard, and having life transformations.....

Running Statistics:

5.26 miles
661 calories
Avg Pace: 8:47
Max Pace: 6:10

I wore my heart monitor for the first time on run:
avg bpm:143
max bpm:220 (shouldn't I have been dead!)

Still not sure how accurate this thing is.

I did say to myself on the run "PILE ON THE MILES!" even though my hips were tight and I wanted to walk. I think spinning, is killing my legs and hips. I need to stretch more and to do some Hot Yoga on Friday!!!! Do your hip flexors kill after a spinning class?

When i got home made a simple bowl of mixed cereal, Kashi Crunch,Granola Plank, Fiber One Honey Clusters, and Hemp Milk ( sadly my last one). I also stuck a spoonful of PB in. Sorry no pics.....

Well I am off to work, I have a fun post for this afternoon!!! Can't wait to get it up! Have a happy hump day, PILE ON THOSE MILES!!!!


Caitlin (see bride run) said...

way to pile on the miles! my heart rate gets high too, so no worries.

hope you are feeling better!

Lacey Nicole said...

i am loving this group dynamic :) i'm so happy so many people are "piling"!!! i put up a post today all about it. fun:)

i am LOOOOOOOOOOVING yoga it makes a world of difference in my muscles. i guess i should be better about stretching, too... i would think kick boxing might put some stress on the hips??? but i don't really know cuz i've never done it!!!! kind of intrigued to kick boxing... :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Hump Day to you too! I cannot do spinning or any other sort of biking - it really hurts my knees! Running is the best :P
You are such a fast runner!!! And I am so jealous your heart rate can average 143 with that speed.
You're a superstar Bobbi!

Runeatrepeat said...

Good run :) I had a question about the challenge - what day did it start? I want to make sure I am keeping track from the beginning!

Christina said...

My secret TV obsession is Biggest Loser. I love to watch it while I'm on the elliptical machine, keeps me going a lot longer watching how hard they are working and how far they've come. Dan kind of makes fun of me, but its so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

great job!!!! you are def piling on the miles :) wooooooo!

Mica said...

My heart rate fluctuates a lot too, especially when I try to measure it by holding on to the handles on the gym treadmills.

On a random note: you are a speedy lady!