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Monday, October 27, 2008

Make a difference Mondays!

Spin class rocked this morning! I wore my hear rat monitor so I was able to see how hard I needed to push myself. My legs burned, and I have never sweat that much in a spin class!

Here are my statistics:
  • Duration: 45:00 minutes
  • Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 196bpm

    26 year old target heart rate:
    98–166 beats per minute 50%-85%
    195 beats per minute 90%-100%

I came home and made a large bowl of Cranberry Oats!

I want to stop and take a break from my normal posts about food and exercise and talk about Make a Difference Mondays! My local radio station always does this thing on air where they talk about doing something big or small for someone else on Mondays, just because. This could be anything for buying the person behind you in line at Sbux a coffee, or even paying for a strangers dinner bill. Mondays are rough for a lot of people and they don't need to be. My challange to you readers and myslf is to pass the torch of love on to others. Being intentional about making a difference every day, but thinking about it every Monday. I would love us to share our Monday stories with one another! How can you make a difference in someones life today, how have you made a difference?

Face Behind the Counter
The face behind the counter
paints a portrait very clear
This life which God created
Has real hopes, real hurts, and fears
Will I take a moment
From the pressing day ahead
And listen to my spirit
To serve a soul that might need fed
I see within their eyes
The need for something true
Will I let them see my faith
By what I say and do
Can I spare a tiny piece
From life's giant block of time
Will I take these seconds given
And from my own world, choose to climb
A chance to be a blessing
A chance to show some grace
With hope, they just might see
A glimpse of God's face.
-Doug Cox


m said...

Great job with spin. I have something similar only I use blueberries! " How can you make a difference in someones life today, how have you made a difference?" a good question... Thanks!

Tim Rosanelli said...

Thanks for the reminder to make a difference in somebody else's life.

Tim Rosanelli
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Sensei Talks
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Anonymous said...

spinning is tough, but so rewarding! great job! and very good philosophical question too.

Tutu B. said...

I love spin. Although, I need to invest in a padded seat or shorts, it makes me too sore! How many cals did your watch tell you you burned? I love to see how many cals I can burn in an hour!

Anonymous said...

I love spinning I want to get some spin shoes that clip into the bike peddles instead of using the straps. I think I'd get an even better leg workout with them but that'll happen when I have extra money to spend of course! haha

I was chatching up on your blog and I saw you just rented 88 min. My husband and I rented that Saturday night too! It was pretty good. And I like your make a difference mondays! I'll have to give that a try! We're often too consumed with what we have to get done for the day that we don't take the time to help a stranger or even a friend out!

Lauren said...

Really enjoy your blog :)

ncrunner12 said...

I love spin classes, I use to do them early in the morning and felt great all day... haven't done one in a while I'll have to get back into it.

I love the idea of Make a Difference Monday. I'll have to think of something clever for next week.

Erica said...

Hey- lovin this post and love your blog! What a fabulous idea! Your oatmeal also looks very tasty! I am glad that the pear BSI worked out so perfectly with your pear picking! Can't wait to see what you dish up ;)

Lance said...

Bobbi, I absolutely love this idea of purposefully bringing this idea of making a difference to the forefront one day a week. What a great idea (even if I am a day late...)! Awesome!!