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Friday, September 5, 2008

A toast to healthy eating!

What a great healthy eating week.

We cooked everyday of the week all three meals, and didn't spend a penny eating out!

My hubby I went to Dream Dinners last Saturday and prepared all of our meals together, and we had a lot of fun too. Last Sunday I sat down and prepared all of our meals for the week, and it helped a whole lot. I made breakfast for the two of us every morning and packed our snacks/lunches for work. My wonderful husband has helped out a lot too. He made dinner on Wednesday night, and didn't burn down the house:) (side note I came home to a bouquet of flowers last night, two years ago yesterday he asked me to marry him, and he remembered the date!). I was able to finally pick some ripe tomatoes from my garden and eat them all week! Hip hip horray for free tomatoes! We are back in the swing of things....with school starting back up I was afraid it was going to be crazy, but we rose to the occasion and had a successful week! My hubby loves his new eating schedule I planned for him, and I snuck in some protein powder wherever I could. He did eat my protein pancakes!
Here are a few things I cooked this week:

Homemade egg McMuffin, I like to call them ...Egg McCormicks!

From our garden!

Sesame honey chicken, whole wheat cousecouse, and a garden salad

Protein pancakes before and after!

The flowers Matt got me!


The Three T's said...

Congratulations on cooking all your meals!! I truly know what an accomplishment that is as we have been trying to do that as well. Good job guys!! Also, I checked out those lunch boxes and they are pretty cool looking! I might have to add them to my collection. Thanks for the insight! :-)

Running Knitter said...

That's great! I love the sandwich - looks so yummy!

Rachel said...

Good luck on your run tomorrow. Wish I could go.

Good job on the eating. Matt will be a better eater if any of us have anything to say about it.