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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slow down...don't get a head of yourself!

Wow, I can not believe that we are on our 12th week of training for our marathon! Only one more month to go. Today we ran a 20miler from Yucaipa all the way down to south Redlands, and boy did I feel it! It wasn't too bad...but I was sure glad to be finished. The minute we stopped I heard my legs screaming at me, saying" what the HELL are you doing to me!" sorry but my legs have some pretty bad language, I won't even tell you what my feet were saying. Rachel and I were sooo happy to be alive and finished.

I haven't even finished the marathon and I am already planning on what to train for next. I really want to get into biking more, and do some more triathlons for sure. I really like tri's they mix it up and you get a total body work out. I really want to do the Iron Girl Las Vegas, but it's really close to the Boston marathon. I would be back from the Boston Marathon and three weeks later I would be off to Vegas, if I qualify for Boston that is. So maybe I should just slow down, but hey that's the joy in dreaming!

So now I am in the market for a road bike that dosen't cost a fortune. I know there are a lot of cyclists out there that have old bikes sitting in their garages, anyone know any?! Are there any good sites out there I should visit. There are SO many out there, wow! I know a lot of you all have them, so any suggestions would be great. What you like or don't about yours- what you would look for etc. I have a jar right now on my desk, and I am saving like crazy so maybe by the time I am done training for this marathon I will have enough to buy a bike:)


Rachel said...

ok, well, my legs were screaming the whole way so you're lucky it didn't happen till the end.

Here is the article I wrote on entry level bikes. You know we will help you get one too. http://fitnessformommies.net/2008/05/15/entry-level-bikes-for-under-1000/

What about a 6 week weight training plan?

bobbi said...

great information I was looking for that post, couldn't find it on your site!

Lanceman said...

You have big dreams Bobbi! And that is awesome! Dream big, and then go out and live them. You really inspire me with the commitment you have to training for this marathon. In the end, it's not only about completing the marathon, but it's about the journey your on in the process of completing it. About doing things that maybe didn't seem possible not that long ago. And that's just plain cool!

As for the bike, I bike quite a bit, but just use an older Trek bike. I like it, and it works well in the triathlons I've done (all sprints). But I know there are many higher end bikes. If you can choose a model you might like, craigslist is a good place to find good deals on bikes.