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Monday, July 14, 2008

Life Without A Car

Frustrated with gas prices? Ditch the ride!

Chris Balish’s new book provides a guide to life without a car

Author Chris Balish says the way to put the brakes on high gas prices is to do the unthinkable: leave your car behind! In his new book, "How to Live Well Without Owning a Car," Balish argues that getting rid of the ride can actually increase your quality of life. An excerpt.

I was watching the TODAY Show this morning and Matt was interviewing Author Chris Balish, who has written a book about ditching your car and living well. As we all know gas prices are on the rise, and if you are like me you are looking for ways to be more Eco-friendly and save money. I have been researching ways that I can get to work besides taking my car, ride my bike, take the bus, or even buy a Vespa.

In Chris's book he writes, "Despite the fact that we live in a car-centered culture, not only can you live without a car, you can live well without a car. And if you follow the hundreds of tips and strategies in this book, living car-free can become downright easy. You’ll learn how to get to work, how to get your shopping and errands done, how to maintain a vibrant social life, and how to overcome car-free challenges with creativity. By following the step-by-step program in this book, you will soon be smiling on your way to the bank, instead of frowning on your way to the gas pump." I think he is on the right track and it seems like a book worth reading.


Rachel said...

Hey, sounds like a cool book. Did you read the whole thing already? Need to upgrade our riding around town and get Ben in his own seat, then, it might get easier for me.

Megan said...

Can we borrow it?

We're thinking about getting a Vespa too. Or just having one car. But right now we have 2 trucks. That's crazy!

carla said...

saw your love of pasta comment at fitness for mommies...

shoot me an email if youd want my protein pasta recipe...I have it somewhere & it uses pea protein!


Mark Salinas said...

Very interesting!