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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seconds the Best!

You guys sure know how to make a girl blush! Thanks for all the lovely comments about my dress last night :).

Well our bags are pack and Hubby and I are headed out until Tuesday for our staff retreat (and we get paid for it). I had to blog really quick and let you all know how my 10k Lighting the Way Race went this morning :).

It was a late start 8:30am, I actually got to sleep in until 6:30am! This made it a lot easier to have something small, AB+Toast+Honey before heading out. I am still a bit under the weather but I was going to put my best foot forward!

photo (40)

It was a bit chilly so I wore my Boston jacket that I love OH so much to warm up in. I got a new iPhone case, silicone $5 at Marshalls!

photo (37)

I laced up my shoes and put my timing chip on and was ready to go!!! 

photo (39) photo (38)

Loved that they had a HUGE map of the race.

photo (36)

Mr.Rick and Fast Jill ran too, I love my running buddies!

photo (32)

We lined up and took off!

photo (35) 

We all three finished SUPER strong, you would have never known that we ran 13 miles the day before!!! MY official time was 42:42..not a PR, but proud!

photo (33)

The eats! 

photo (31)


photo (30)


photo (34)

I got 2nd overall in my division and age and Jill got third overall!

photo (28)

Love the awards, they were COW Bells! 

photo (27)

I also ran into my dear friend AMY, this was her first 10k..she rocked it!!! 

photo (29)

Ok friends gotta RUN!!! See you all later! Sorry for the short recap I will go into more detail soon :).


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Great run! And cowbells are too cute

Janice @ Lazy Mama Fitness said...

Wow! Great time! You beat my PR by 10 min! That's a min/km faster! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

awesome race!! you are speedy :)

~M~ said...

Go you!!!

Jenn said...

Congrats! Awesome time and you look great!

The Jesse said...

congrats on getting 2nd overall in your division!

EricaH said...

Sounds like a great race, congratulations.

Danielle Beaver said...

I'm so proud! A TROPHY! :)

RunEatRepeat said...

Are you kidding??!!! You almost glazed over that awesome run and placed in your division! Amazing job :) You rock girl!

monicac2 said...

How fast is Fast Jill? Because YOU are super fast, so I can't even imagine how fast someone is that you call fast!! :)

Erica said...

I've been meaning to tell you -- Hopkinton, MA (The start of the Boston Marathon) is my hometown!! I'll be here for the race (it's like a holiday in our little town). Let me know if you have questions about anything around here in the months leading up to April!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Congrats! What an awesome time.