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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Her FAQ Page & Brothers

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to N Her Shoes!

I have worked on a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I get on my blog. If you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me at marie.bobbi@gmail.com

Weight Loss Questions

  1. Where do you shop for groceries?
  2. Do you count calories?
  3. How often do you step on a scale?
  4. How many days do you cook at home?
  5. How do you make smart choices when you are out to dinner?
  6. What it your height/weight?

Blog Questions

  1. Do you blog every day?
  2. What’s with the name N Her Shoes?
  3. How do you get so many wonderful things to review?
  4. What is AKB?
  5. How can you drink your coffee black?
  6. How many jobs do you really have?
  7. What are you going back to school for?
  8. What type of French Press Coffee do you use?
  9. What is your Thursday Night Community Group?
  10. Do you always follow a recipe?

Exercise Questions

  1. What kind of heart rate monitor do you recommend?
  2. What is AKB?
  3. Do you run everyday?
  4. How did you get up so early to run?
  5. How did you get so fast?
  6. Do you use a certain plan for your training?
  7. Are you always training for a marathon?
  8. What’s with the running skirt?
  9. Where is your weekly workout schedule listed now?
  10. What kind of protein powder do you use?
  11. Do you use Gels or Recovery Drinks?
  12. How often do you take rest days?

Weight Loss Questions

1. Where do you shop for groceries?

I try and only take one trip to the market as much as possible, for budget reason and because I plan out all my meals. I first hit up Trader Joe’s and then for other items I still need I go to the local grocery store. I really want to join a coe-op, I am in the works for signing up with one.

2. Do you count calories?

Not any more, when I was trying to lose weight I counted points (Weight Watchers Diet) but then I started to start eating REAL food and stopped counting calories and started listening to my body. I stopped eating empty calories, junk food, empty carbs, and such. I now eat 5-6 small meals a day and try to consume plenty of fruit and veggies. In my training I try and consume more protein any way I can!

3. How often do you step on a scale?

If I had it my way we wouldn’t have one in the house I think scales are addicting and can become obsessive. My weight tends to fluctuate in the morning and at night so why get on it unless I am trying to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight I think that you should only step on it once a week, no more!

4. How many days do you cook at home?

On Sunday’s I sit down and plan out our menu for the week, and try to stick with that menu as much as possible, but things do come up. So I usually cook 4-5 times a week, and would love to do it more but teaching kickboxing at night limits my time to cook at home.

5. How do you make smart choices when you are out to dinner?

Ha Ha! I don’t always make the best choices but I do try and think about potion size. I try and choose one thing on the menu that I love and then I play with it a little, take off the mayonnaise, butter, dressing on the side, grilled not fried, brown rice, whole wheat pasts…etc. I have never been a big fries lover, but if hubby get’s them I will steal a couple:)

6.What it your height/weight?

Funny question, well my height is 5’5 and my weight is between 124-128, it used to be 145-155.

Blog Questions

1. Do you blog every day?

I try and blog once a day in the mornings, it can be very time consuming and as busy as my schedule is I only have the opportunity to do in once. I give mad props to the bloggers out there who do it three times a day!

2. How did you come up with the title N Her Shoes?

Well I think the answer is in the name..lol…but seriously I am in running shoes in the morning, work shoes in the afternoon, kickboxing shoes at night, and date night shoes in the evening. I may not were many hats but I sure do where a lot of shoes.

3. How do you get so many wonderful things to review?

Most of the time people send me things to review so that I can share them with all of you. But if there is a product that I have been dying to try I send them a letter asking if they would like me to do a review on my blog to get the word out on there product and they are wonderful to agree!!!

4. How can you drink your coffee black?

Well I recently gave up my creamer because of all the preservatives and junk that were in it( I might have it for a treat once in awhile). But I love the taste of coffee, good coffee, I spend a little more money on quality coffee because I do drink it black and it makes a world of difference!

5. How many jobs do you really have?

This is a funny question. Well I teach for a living, own a small sitter referral business called Need-A-Sitter, teach kickboxing, and go to school, but don’t get paid for that last one.

6. What are you going back to school for?

I just started this January 2009 taking A&P at a small community college as a prerequisite to the Masters program in Nutrition and Dietetics at Loma Linda University. This summer I will take basic Chemistry and A&PII then I will start on my 2 year journey in September. I want to become a Registered Dietitian. I graduated from a small liberal arts college, Crichton College, with a bachelor’s in history in 2006, and after 2 years working as a teacher I decided, that if I wanted to change careers now is the time.

What type of French Press Coffee do you use?

Bodum SHIN BISTRO- coffee press

What is your Thursday Night Community Group?

A group of young married couples that we meet with every Thursday night to try and enrich and grow our marriages. We always go through a book together and right now were going through Love and Respect, a great read for all married couples!

Do you always follow a recipe?

No way! Food is way more fun when you play with it. I am Emerald, I like to just take it a pinch in my hand throw it in and say BAM! But when baking I have to follow directions, that’s why I am not much of a baker. PLAY with YOUR FOOD!

Exercise Questions

1. What kind of heart rate monitor do you recommend?

I use the Garmin Forerunner 301, but mine broke sadly, so I will be purchasing a new one soon. I think the older versions of the Garmin are a lot more user friendly then the new ones. It really helps me with my pace, distance, HR, and calories. I don’t know how I ever lived without one.

2. What is AKB?

Aerobic Kickboxing, we do 30 minutes of aerobics and 30 minutes of a bag workout. That’s right we put on our gloves and go at it. I think the bag workout is what has made me stronger, even though I am still working on my strength.

3. Do you run everyday?

No WAY! I love running, but I believe mixing it up is the best way to stay in shape. You need to shock your body or else you will just stay at the same weight (if your trying to lose weight). I only lost weight when I started to do weights, and AKB, just running did nothing for my body. Also if your run all the time you are more likely to get injured, in my opinion.

4. How did you get up so early to run?

Well coffee really…well and going to bed early, no later then 10pm on my early mornings.

5. How did you get so fast?

I started doing speed workouts. In my last marathon training plan I was on the track at least twice a week, doing sprints,intervals, strides and tempo runs. A tempo run, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (see tempo and pace), is “a rate of performance at a steady pace.” Tempo runs are workouts where you run at a steady pace that is around 70% to 80% of your max aerobic capacity..Basically just picking up the pace for some miles during a run.

6.Are you always training for a marathon?

No, not always probably twice a year at the most. I am currently training for Boston, and then I want to to do the Sandiego Rock and Roll Half. I think that me legs need rest and time to recover. I am currently saving up money so I can buy a road bike because I would love to do more sprint triathlons.

7.What’s with the running skirt?

My new love for running skirts. I used to think they were so girly and made fun of women who wore them, thought they were trying to be too cute or something. Well I was wrong they are not only cute, they are also soooo comfy!

8. Where is your weekly workout schedule listed now?

It is now posted on the right side of my blog, so follow me to my way to Boston!

9. What kind of protein powder do you use?

I am currently using Muscle Milk, only because about 2 years a go we bought a bunch of it and are still trying to go through it. I am looking into some of the top brands and trying to find out what is the best for me.

10.Do you use Gels or Recovery Drinks?

Yes, Hammer Nutrtion I wouldn't take anything else. I use there Heed sports drink for my long runs (mild melon is my fave).The gels are just as good to, to pump me up on a long run. "HAMMER GEL is an easily digested, concentrated source of complex carbohydrates with four amino acids added to enhance performance and prolong energy levels during intense training and competition. HAMMER GEL has a syrup-like consistency that mixes easily with water if so desired. "

11. How often do you take rest days?

About once a week I take a full day off of running and kickboxing, it’s usually is right in the middle of the week so it works out perfect!

What else do you want to know????

Today is My brother Steven’s Birthday, he’s turning the big 20 to celebrate I thought I would show you some pics hubby took of all of my brothers and I.







Mica said...

Bobbi, this is a great post! I learned so much about you and your INSANELY busy schedule. I can't believe you even have time to run with all your jobs and groups and cooking!

Also: I think it's so cute that you're the one girl in a band of brothers. So sweet!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

I love the pics! and what a great post- i love learning more about my fave bloggers

Kelly Turner

Denise said...

Love the pics of you and your brothers. Too cute!! Thanks for sharing all the info, that post must have taken a lot of time!

Trying To Heal said...

what a great post! very informative!!

and i love all the pictures!!!

Mrs. LC said...

Loved the post, thanks for all the answers to your FAQ!! :) You're seriously an inspiration. Anytime I get tired and don't want to do something, I just need to remind myself of you and all the other crazy busy bloggers out there!

And girl, you so fine! Look at you and your brothers, what a great lookin' bunch!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I loved reading all of your answers..and I really love your take on balancing life, exercise, and healthy eating :)

Happy Birthday to your bro!

Lance said...

Good coffee...and black - I'm right there with you Bobbi!

Love the pictures, you guys look like you were having a lot of fun!

Pearl said...

happy birthday to your brother and bobbi you are gorgeous!

Samantha said...

Those pictures are great. Thanks for the questions & answers - I really enjoyed reading them.

Anonymous said...

love the FAQ, very well put together!

Those pics of you and your brothers are just too funny - looks like you have a great fam!

Unknown said...

love the family photos :) and great FAQs!

Anonymous said...

Great post! The FAQs have so much helpful info!

Your hubby did a great job on the family photos. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

Laurel said...

Love the pics. And great post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just learned a whole lot about you! Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Love the FAQ Bobbi! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Really cute pics of you with your brother!

Bobbi - 550 calories in 35 minutes and running 4.2 miles? Your weight isn't that much more than me. I am wondering how your calorie burn can be accurate? I would probably burn only 375 calories if I ran that distance. Are you running hills?

Thank you!

HangryPants said...

Thanks for all your hard work on the FAQs!

I love the pictures of you and your brothers. You know my family is the opposite - four girls and then one baby brother!

Brian said...

Lovin the FAQ! Good pics too, thats real cool you have a family pic like that.

Anonymous said...

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