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Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Featured Foodie Fridge: Bobbi

That’s right folks, I am featuring my own fridge for this months Featured Foodie Fridge. Seeing at is my birthday month and all, I thought it would be a perfect time to show you a sneak peak in to our fridge, and let my readers ask the questions!

fridge 005

Let’s start with the top shelf. As you can see Hubby has his 2 gallon jug of Crystal Light that he can NOT live without(it’s better then soda). The top shelf is filled with my everyday essentials, soy creamer, egg whites, PB’s, almond milk, and organic creamy tomato soup. We don’t drink a lot of milk in this house, I will have it on hand occasionally for baking.

fridge 001

This is one of my favorite shelves, yogurt! I love me some TJ’s Greek Yogurt, and FAGE. I have only been eating Greek yogurt for the past 6 months or so, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this stuff. I love Laughing Cow Light cheese as well, it’s great on sandwiches, on fruit, tortillas, and even by itself. We buy this stuff at Costco it’s so much cheaper and has a very long shelf life.

fridge 009

Part of the bottom shelf has our eggs, tofu and lots of strawberries in my green bags of course. Have you used Green Bags, I swear by them!

fridge 003

On the other side is the wonderful baby sweet potatoes and bread. I don’t eat a lot of bread so this loaf will last me almost three weeks.

fridge 006

The “Cheese & Meat” Drawer! We have so many different types of cheeses for our Taco Tuesday’s and Pizza Nights! Hubby has his deli meat, and I have my goat cheese:)

fridge 011

The bare fruit drawer, I keep most my fruit on the counter except berries and apples. Hubby loves his russet potatoes'! 

fridge 010

More Veggies!

fridge 002

The Ice Box aka freezer, ignore the date on the bottom of these pics, not sure why my cameras date is off. Here is where you will see lot’s of Hubby’s lunches, he love’s Lean Pockets. We also store all our meat in the freezer, because we buy it in bulk at Costco and just take it out when needed.

fridge 012

Our lovely pantry that holds all kinds of goodies; cereals, can goods, baking supplies, granola, protein powders, snacks, and so much more!

food 024

food 021  food 015

food 023

Last but not least my lovely oatmeal cupboard Hubby made just for me:)

food 017

I think that covers it. So now that you have taken a peek into our fridge, it’s your turn to ask the questions. Bring them on!

Hope you enjoyed my fridge, do you want to let me sneak into your fridge? Shoot me an email if you date.


Pearl said...

bobbi i loved your fridge! so cute!

Nabeela said...

oh wow...you are so organized...and that fridge! So neat!

Run Sarah said...

Loved seeing how organized everything is! I need to clean up my fridge.

Lance said...

Looks like a pretty great place to hang out!!

Mica said...

I love the oatmeal shelf! If only I could convince Harrison to be handy...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sneak in your fridge! I really need that big pack of Laughing Cow, amazingg!

Rebeca said...

Laughing Cow on fruit? Sounds yummy.

Your fridge/pantry is so awesome!

Thanks for sharing!

Niki said...

Great post!! So the green bags really work? Can you tell a major difference on the shelf life of fruits and veggies?? Also one more question, what kind of protein powders do you use? The BF and I are looking to buy some and are not sure what brand is good! Thanks girl!!

Genesis said...

YAY Costco! Somethings really are WAY cheaper there.

I LOVE green bags! I actually did a test with them. I bought two sets of bananas and left one on the banana rack without a bag and put the other in the bag. In like a day or two the one on the outside already had spots while the one in the bag we still good as new! I totally love those bags. My fridge is full of green bags with produce in it.

Leanne said...

Nice looking fridge! What is the canister of Luna in the pantry? Do they make protein powder now?

Victoria said...

Definitely more organized than mine! My husband has sooo many condiments! It's bizarre. And I wish I had a pantry has nice and organized as yours!