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Friday, May 29, 2009

Road Trip for One+ Last Day of TSL


MY OH MY, life is spinning 100 mph and I just am going right along with it!! There is so much going on in my life right now that I am already planning one day next week to REST!!!

I ran an easy 3 miles this morning with fast Jill at 5:45am which gave me plenty of time to pack and get some emails caught up on before I take off for the weekend.

I started with a power Breakfast, PURPLE monster

food 134

Today is the last day of TSL!!!! I will have to break my long streak of no eating out, because I have bloggers dinner in SD tonight, but I made it through the WHOLE month with only eating out once!!! How did you all do???

ALL TSL PARTICIPANTS get your final total points to me this weekend, so I can announce a winner on MONDAY!!! 

My Packing Strategy!

First up is the Endurance Bag, a runners dream luggage!

food 128

Inside I have

  • Shirts,skits,jeans and tanks(weather is weird in SD)
  • Dresses
  • Running Outfit(see below for details)
  • Warmups(see below for details)
  • Hats
  • Toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • Straightener
  • Heed
  • Gels
  • Recoverite
  • Gum
  • Vaseline
  • Wipes
  • Shoes(sandals and running)
  • bathing suit
  • Boston jacket
  • sunglasses
  • Road ID
  • Waterbottle

food 130

food 129

I love how this bag has a special compartment for your running shoes, that way they don’t get your clothes all dirty or smelly!

The Race Gear

I have my race outfit picked out, but I might get a couple things at the expo. I am always worried about what I wear on race day, I want no chafing and now hassle!! I tend to stick with what works.

food 125

I also threw in some long sleeve shirts and Nike pants just in case!

food 131

My snacks for the trip, before I head out I will be making a pit stop at TJ’s to pick up some fruit. Thanks to the SIL, I am all stocked up on bars!

food 132

My Sherpani bag has my laptop and all necessary charging cables in it!

  • Laptop
  • Chargers – laptop, I-phone, Garmin
  • Ipod + Headphones

    food 133

    So there are my bags. Packed and all ready to be loaded in my car for a solo road trip. As you can see I love BLUE and BROWN!!!

    I also am bringing my Garmin for the car, and some of my Jack Johnsons Cd’s to chill out too!!

    I am sure going to miss the boys while I am gone!!

    food 019 

    I have a half day at work today, because I am leaving for San Diego at 2:30! SD is about 2 hours from me, and I want to beat traffic as much as possible. Have a great Friday friends, and good luck to all of you who are racing this weekend!!!


    Anonymous said...

    Good luck Bobbi!!

    Janie said...

    Have a great time and good luck!!!

    Mrs. LC said...

    Have fun and good luck Bobbi!!! :)

    MaryAnn said...

    good luck! travel safely!

    Anne said...

    Looks like you're really prepared! Good luck and have a safe trip. And have fun! :D

    Pearl said...

    have a safe trip to san diego!

    MaryBe said...

    Love your bags!
    Good Luck with the drive

    maria k said...

    good luck! i am so excited for you!

    Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

    *hugs* Good luck sister friend! I will be thinking about you!

    Anonymous said...

    enjoy the trip! good luck and i cant wait to read about it!

    Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

    OMG Good Luck!

    Can we track you this race like with Boston?

    Matt said...

    Good luck this weekend!

    just me said...

    good luck w/ the drive! hopefully Sd rush hour won't be too horrendous!

    best of luck babe!!! shout out to you on my blog!!!

    Anonymous said...

    So exciting! I love how efficient you are with packing. Sounds like you remembered everything! :)

    GOOD LUCK! And have a wonderful time!

    RunToFinish said...

    oh I think if I was driving I would be bringing a lot more. I decided against my water bottle thinking I would not want to carry it...but now you have me doubting. oh well!! it's gonna rock.

    can't wait to meet up!

    3T Heppenstall said...

    Good Luck on your race! I know it will be great!

    Also, I love bags that have the shoe compartment. We had those type of bags in high school when I played basketball.

    Love the pic of the boys!!

    Enjoy San Diego and have a safe trip!