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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Let's hope I don't lose my voice in class tonight! I haven't been feeling sick or anything but in the evening my throat starts to feel gross and Monday night I almost lost my voice during AKB. I am chilling at Sbux before I have to go teach tonight, let me give you a little recap the day in check list form:
Had no coffee when I got up so I headed to the local coffee shop and picked up this yummy bad boy, can't wait to have it tomorrow. Check!

No yoga this morning just relaxed and caught up on some blogs and finished stamping all the cards to go in the mail today! Check!

Ate another yummy bowl of oats, basically the same as yesterday minus the coconut and chocolate chips and added some Greek yogurt( this was a first it was soooo good) . Check!

Had a fun day at work, made Hershey Kisses Christmas Trees. Check!

Sitting at Sbux blogging. Check!

There are a few more things I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas:

An Endurance Bag, this bag is perfect for all types of athletes more so runners! Keeps you organized and I love the pocket under the bag to keep your muddy running shoes in.
Run to finish posted about the Rock "N" Roll Arizona half and full marathon on January 18th 2009! I would love to do this. The half of course, and I would love it if someone paid for my entry fee!!! PLEASE SANTA!!! It's over a three day weekend and here are some great things they say about it!

5 Reasons to ROCK& RUN Arizona

Flat and Fast Courses & Perfect Running Weather
Rockin’ Live Music, Cheerleaders & Course Support
Fantastic Winter Getaway & 3-Day Holiday Weekend
Spectacular Resorts, Spas & Restaurants
So who wants to do it with me, any takers!!!!

December 10: I tried a peppermint brownie sample at SBUX normally I would pass it up but because I am going to be burning some major calories tonight, I thought what the heck LIVE A LITTLE!

Have a great night everyone, so excited it's almost FRIDAY! I am doing some major baking and Christmas shopping this weekend can't wait!


girlrunningaround said...

Whatever is in the chocolate dipped candy cane bag has got my attention! Yum!

just me said...

can i rip open that bag for you?? LOL.

that bag looks amazing...i need something like that!

Anonymous said...

You will not get sick. You will not get sick.

I will steal your chocolate dipped candy cane. I will steal your chocolate dipped candy cane.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I was just thinking tonight that I need a really good, organized gym bag to carry all of my stuff in. What a great find..and reasonably priced, too! Love this bag :D

Brianna said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Hope all of the goodness wards off any illness. :)

Pearl said...

sounds like such a relaxing day! and that running bag looks very cool.. i love all of the compartments!

have you thought about what to gift for xmas this year?

Anonymous said...

I checked the link for the bags THESE ARE AWESOME!!
Keep healthy Bobbi!!Lots tea and vitamin C!

VeggieGirl said...


Anonymous said...

You won't get sick!!!

Chocolate dipped candy cane = Yummy!

Anonymous said...

So how was the peppermint brownie sample? The hershey christmas tree sounds so cute.
Hope you still have your voice.

Denise said...

I would love to do the Arizona run! I might have to check into it and see how much it would cost to get there...flying stinks these days!

RunToFinish said...

mm the bag has us all wondering! So I hope santa pays for your race fee, that would be so much better than a fruitcake!

Lacey Nicole said...

oooh i am going to arizona but not til may (for a conference). the rock-n-roll series sounds like so much fun you should def do it!!! music pumps me up so much i def want to do one sometime!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

That coffee sounds soooo yummy!!

I love the front of that bag with all the organizer pockets, but looking at the dimensions, it's no where near big enough for me. LOL My gear bag is 26inches long!

Mica said...

That's a sweet bag (the gym one). I hope Santa listens to you!

Hope you feel less sick today!

Anonymous said...

Wow that bag makes it impossible to not be organized!
Yummy coffee - and keep that mantra going in your head! You will not get sick!

Meghann said...

If Santa Visits you could you tell him I would also love to run that race and have it all pasid for?!?!?!?!? Thank you santa! :)

Fitnessista said...

that bag looks incredible!
i would TOTALLY do the half with you but i'm leaving arizona on jan 6th and start school on the 13th!! BAH
my friend renee is running it, though!